Dubai is well-renowned for having the biggest and tallest of everything. Take a drive down Sheikh Zayed road to notice some of the world’s biggest skyscrapers along the way. However, it is also worth noting that not all property in Dubai is high-rise, because not everyone wants to live hundreds of feet above the earth, no matter how great the views are! This is why Dubai freehold property market is a great combination of high and low-rise properties.

Low-rise options on the Dubai property market

The most accessible way to live close to the ground in Dubai is to purchase a villa. Villas are relatively large, spacious and are mostly completed with a garden. However they are expensive. There was a shortage of villas available on the Dubai freehold market, which in turn pushed the prices up high, which is going to cost you several million for even a modest buy. Villas are usually necessary for a large family, and not every property buyer wants that much space, or cares about having a garden. Check out villas for sale in Dubai Hills Estate here.

If you think of apartments as an option, immediate thoughts go to high-rise buildings, which most of them are but you are not interested. In such a scenario, you could buy an apartment in a tall building, but near to the ground. It will actually save you money as views come with a premium, or choose to buy an apartment in a low-rise building.

High-rise options, worth your time

There are so many great options to choose from the usual apartments that Dubai offers. If you can’t find what you want in the low-rise regions, apartments at Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai and Emaar beachfront apartments, continue to draw in property investors, with a huge amount of choice and price levels. There are excellent amenities and facilities with the great views from such high-rise properties. You can really have your pick here, although the prices are higher, due to the excellent location. Many new properties are under construction that will change the shape of the city over the next few years.

Keep searching the internet to find the best available option as per your preferences, budget and style.