Training centers need to realize they cannot persist with the same goals rather start becoming more dynamic in their approach. It would be wise on part of training centers not to just offer karate coaching in Abu Dhabi but also introduce martial arts throughout Abu Dhabi

Innovate and diversify: Sure a training center can go on in training their members for Karate, but there will come a time when members start finding it repetitive and thus the academy could lose out on many customers. This is why it is truly important to have other activities in place so that members feel energized and more engaged.

Importance of changing it up: Although the likes of MMA, kickboxing, boxing, Karate and Jiu Jitsu etc are all connected but gives numerous benefits when being switched. A member who was used to Karate and then takes up MMA would realize instantly they took some muscles for granted and can now work on them. Apart from reaping the benefits of MMA in terms of muscle coordination, endurance, strength and flexibility, one can benefit from switching between MMA and Karate. Previously they would have had to do Karate on certain days in a week but with MMA being introduced members are given a chance to keep certain days reserved for Karate and MMA respectively for a week. This would be a good marketing strategy to retain members and attract potential members at the same time.

Figuring out ways different ways in booking appointments: Members who do not have much time on their hands because of their busy schedule will need to have private sessions with certified coaches. The way private sessions are priced is a strong indicator of whether the training centre is on the right track or not. It is imperative that a training centre needs to realize not everyone book appointments through voice calls particularly if they have disabilities for example being hearing impaired. It would be appropriate to contact such members  through social media in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Whatsapp.

Finding the right training centre: The onus is on an individual to carry out a thorough research and evaluate the market of training academies within the state. Individuals need to ensure and be able to indentify that the training centre is certified by the state.