The great Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah beach and also, not to forget, the huge Dubai mall are all the eye-catching sights one would definitely want to visit once? Not to forgot all these are great marks as well. Dubai being a city and an emirate in the use holds great importance in the today’s world. Burj Khalifa the 830m tall tower or the Palm with the marine water parks is some great entertainment.

The Changes

It hardly took only two decades for this massive change. The Dubai was nothing more than just a desert and now it has the one of the most luxuries hotels and all. It is now the city with the third most skyscrapers in the world. Although the hard-working people have turned the future of the city around to a 360-degree turn, one should literally praise the hard work that paid off.

Giving In The Best

Coming from the past the emirates was nothing more than just a desert. After the exploration of oil, the city proceeded to gain more and more of its economy and worked more on the infrastructure. It now has the most luxuries hotels, malls, cinemas and what not. It has a great competition with New York I must say.

Dubai reached the benchmark just because of their export, tourism and technology. The oil export is some how the main course of its economy. As different countries like Pakistan, India and others who do not have their own production of oil are dependents of the gulf countries which are Bahrain and Saudi Arab other than Dubai. The Arab emirates have been working really hard to become the hub for technology. There’s how they’ve managed it all till yet:

Promoting and attracting expertise of different professions.

They also try and cultivate the local expertise.

They work hard in building a coworking spaces and academies.

The tourists also make up to the most of its economy as mentioned, the tourists are usually attracted to places like Dubai which offer them a good time. The reason that makes it an attraction for the tourists is the high standard entertainments, water parks, huge shopping malls and what not.

The developing and demolishing companies in UAE and also the companies providing concrete cutting in UAE are very great with their work and as they attract great minds towards themselves, they are gaining more and more progress day by day.