Cats are mammals and they are one of the most popular pet by outnumbering dogs. People love them because of their beauty and friendly loving nature. Most of the people prefer having cats as pets because they are small and you will get a chance to laugh. It doesn’t matter what breed they are or what color, cats are all the same and so that is why you can even rescues a stray kitten and give it shelter, food and love. 


Cattery is basically cat boarding, this is a place where cats are housed temporarily. If the owner of the cat isn’t home and has to go on a vacation then they can’t just leave the cat home and go. The owners or cat parents will give their cat to the boarding home where they will take care of their cat the best they can. There are also dog boarding services.

Cats worry like a human does and if we leave them all alone, they will get sick and stressed. And when you leave your cat at cattery then it is like you are not leaving them at all. There are professionals who will take care of your cat and make sure they are treated well and they are comfortable. It is a comfortable as if they are with their home family. They will feed your cat twice a day which is a good thing, they will play with your cat and will make sure your cat is hydrated. They have their workers to keep an eye on the cat and stay with it 24/7. 

Cat grooming:

All cats are beautiful and this is why cat grooming services are important. It includes brushing their hair, giving them a bath, spreading oil through their coat, giving a little massage and keeping the fleas out of their hair. You have to start grooming slowly like at First just take 5 mins maximum and then start increasing the time slowly so your cat can get used to it. Once your cat get used to it then it will be easy to groom them because then they won’t resist. You have to be gentle to them just remember and if you are having a bad day and you are in a bad mood then it is just better not to groom your cat that day because you might hurt your cat or by being rough and irresponsible.